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Let yourself go into the natural flow of the Great Mother

© Martin R. Raskovsky at Martin's Dreams

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Minerva, Snowy Owl, bears witness to all Aquarian Zone activities, as resident Crone.   Draw inspiration from

Maya Angelou
Every  Woman's  Mentor
Every Man's Conscience


12 Initiations of Love



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The Ring of the Moon

This Ring of the Moon site is
owned by: Sandy Hughes

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Secret Passage to AQUARIAN ZONE'S Moon Temple
Secret Path to
Moon Temple




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Snow Spirit
The Art of Jeffrey K. Bedrick

All the Faeries & Little Folk
gather, giggle & invite you to visit:
Tinkerbell brings word from the Faeries' Forest
Renée's Realm
A Faerie Forest (listen carefully)
where you will find many surprises.
Please join the fun at Kitty Kastle,
or meet us at Critter Corner,
or Coco's Café, Country Kitchen,
Gaia's Garden, or even just for
some peaceful Sacred Space.
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The Wisdom of Hummingbird

The Wisdom of Hummingbird
Hummingbird instinctively knows how to use flowers for healing
and teaches us how to draw the life essence from them
to create our own medicines - as in our usage of
Flower Essences, Essential Oils and Herbal Tinctures.

Hummingbird reminds us that if we find joy in what we do,
we become light as a feather, and life is rich with nectar.
This award is bestowed upon healers who are living the joy
and wisdom of Hummingbird by using or tuning-in to the
nectar of Earth's flowers to heal Body, Mind and Spirit.
Out of the Earth


ONE Planet ~ ONE People ~ ONE Peace
The Earth Proclamation
Please read this.


OWL as Totem
The Mystery of Magic
Owl is a symbol of the Feminine,
the Moon and Night. Owl people
have a unique ability to look into
the eyes of others & see their souls.
Owl accomplishes her tasks with
timing & skill, not intimidation. Owl
teaches that true strength is gentle.
©1998, Cynthia Rice Out of the Earth   Thanks, Cindy!
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