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Walk in Your Truth!  

Walk in Your Truth!


I apologize for not having time to keep this page updated properly, especially with the Grand Alignment  in Taurus! But honestly, I have to say that everything in the previous
Climate Report still applies, in spades!

The New Moon on May 3, 2000, was ushered in by SEVEN planets in TAURUS! Mars at 29º, went into Gemini about noon on May 3, and then the Moon into Gemini just before midnight, May 4 (PDT), so on May 5, the FIVE bodies in Taurus have an angle of separation of only fourteen degrees!

Taurus is all about the BOTTOM LINE. What do you VALUE most? What are you willing to do/pay for it? What issues do you have around money, love, land, possessions, ownership, your body, ecology, the Earth, the goddess, self-love, peace, food, sustenance, health --- all TAURUS issues. Wherever Taurus falls in your chart, there will be extra emphasis in that area, and which of your planets are being aspected as they move through Taurus -- esp. by Squares (90°), Oppositions (180°), and Quincunxes (150°) -- are keys for "trouble spots".

There is a focal point on May 28 when Jupiter & Saturn conjoin at 23º = success, balance, resolution...  Uranus is also squaring Saturn until Uranus turns retrograde on May 25 (critical date for change), coupled with the line-up, could (has already!!!) wreak havoc in the stock market and/or other financial institutions, corporate structures, banks, savings & loans, governments, and yes, even earth changes! But I don't think we need to worry about the planet flipping upside-down, or even a sudden "pole-shift" creating another "Noah's Flood." However, many folks are reporting dilemmas of feeling swamped, drowned or overwhelmed,   all variations on "flooded."

We already have the largest ever iceberg floating around our southern oceans and the aftermath of El Niño, holes in our ozone layer, "who knows what" in our Air and Rivers and Soil! I think this line-up is about recognizing how we can improve the quality of our own little space in this world, and thereby improve on the whole. If we can each just "light one little candle..." and take care of our own "backyard," we might see a change in this world. Taurus advises following the ancient addage to "Chop Wood, Carry Water" -- in other words, keep it simple! Spring Cleaning has never felt so good! Prioritizing is a joy! All of our sorting, tossing and making room for the unknown unquestionably lightens our spirits.

When counselled to "KNOW THYSELF" (Oracle at Delphi), and "To Thine Own Self Be True", many respond with, "Yeah but, what about those guys?". That is precisely where we fail in our quest to know ourselves. These repugnant reflections are where the secrets lie. Once we can get over the personal implications (which may or may not be relevant), the rest will take care of itself.

Taurus also knows that the "riches are at hand" - not far away, where we tend to seek. We don't have to travel to the pyramids to experience an initiation. It will happen right WHERE YOU ARE. If you KNOW WHO YOU ARE, deep within, then sevenTEEN planets in Taurus isn't even scary! A good friend, yoga teacher, has the best advice I've ever heard, especially now: "This is what *IS* -- align yourself!" Any martial artist (and any balanced Taurus) knows that to be in a state of acceptance of conditions, affords one the best angle of response to whatever may come at him/her. We can all learn from that perspective with these planets in Mother Earth's sign!

Note: An easy way to remember the Fixed Cross (signs & houses) as "values" is this:
Make a Note!Make a Note!

TAURUS/2      = Assets "in the Bank" (self-worth, possessions)
LEO/5           = Deposits ("love given" i.e. creative output)
SCORPIO/8     = Investments & Negotiations (+ karma)
AQUARIUS/11 = Rewards ("love received" i.e. soul-achievement)

As for all the other things I would like to have written about here, I am deferring to some very cool astrologer friends over at StarIQ, who have compiled some excellent information for all of us! You will want to bookmark this site by Rick Levine, Chief Wizard, and Jeff Jawer, who offers this
New Moon Report.

You may also find out more about the Celestial Traffic Jam this month in Taurus - by Lynn Bell!

...and another thing...
      When Jupiter and Saturn Meet... ... ... This conjunction only happens every 20 years as a harbinger of social and political change. What can we expect this time around? - by Pierz Newton-John.

We also received this (in part) from Barbara Wolf, Global Meditations Network:
We humans are the caretakers of this earth. Therefore, when there is tension, we caretakers need to step forward to handle the situation. There is power in numbers. Great power. And so, when you see a problem in this garden of earth, pick up your trowel and begin to work with the other gardeners.
The May alignment increases tension within the human family. To ease the tension, you can use the same technique as a gardener of the earth. Pick up your trowel and send positive energies of Love, and at the same time know that many, many across the face of the earth are sending positive energies of Love, too.
Remember, energy is energy. Together we make a difference.

  Meanwhile, let's keep our tuners set on our own frequency.
 We wouldn't want to miss any signals being sent our way!

Peace Be Yours in Gaia's Garden... ~spinwwweaver~ (sandy)


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