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Astrological Climate Report      
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We stand at the precipice of our Future
We Are Here! ... 2000 AD!

As the Winter Solstice draws our year to a close,
we have much to consider. The Sun swoops to its southernmost
declination at this midnight point of the year causing Longest Night
(in the northern hemisphere), and reminds us of our frailties and shortages,
but also of our interconnectedness with all Life on Earth. In the dead
of winter our store of reserves is stretched to its limit.
Taking stock is part of the process. Be still.
Seek your own inner counsel. Listen on the wind.
Wait a moment in the morning to recall your dreams,
before you leap out of bed to run into your day -
and then into every day after that
for the rest of your life!


  The darkness of the Void
    surrounds us, and we feel fear.
     We fear the unknown, the dark,
      because we don't "know" it,
       and therefore don't trust it.
        We don't trust it because we
         have been taught to focus on
          what is going on around us, rather
           than what is going on WITHIN us!

  We have NOT been taught (with a few aboriginal exceptions) to KNOW
our bodies' Divine roles as live antennae, with which we can instantly assess
any situation. In fact, this is usually WHY we consult the astrologer or the
psychic or the healer. More often than not, a client's intuition is confirmed
by the seer. e.g. We are bound to experience sharp, sudden, fast actions
under a Mars influence. The astrologer tells us it is Mars, but we could
have also "known" it was Mars by the nature of the event. This is surely
how our ancestors resonated with the vibrations of their environment.
If we are personally staying in tune with the cycles and rhythms
of Mother Nature, then we can commune with that Oneness
and be intimately informed of All Things -
including where we need to be at any given moment.
If you have ever tried to "match a note" as you joined
in with a choir, band or orchestra, you are familiar with
the ping of resonance you feel when you hit it. Unfortunately,
our modern societies have created a multiplex of distractions, pollutions
and other reasons why most of us are nowhere near as in tune as we could be!


    Most animal owners and lovers                         know beyond a shadow of
a doubt that their animals know                         a lot more than we do
    about what is "in the air."                     Almost ALL species of animals
know about earthquakes, hurricanes                   and other bizarre weather patterns
long before we "more intelligent" humans!                     Dog owners will wisely trust
their dog's impressions of a stranger over their own. One would think (haha) that since
we humans have NEVER existed on planet Earth WITHOUT the Animals, we would
have noticed by now that they are NEVER UNCONSCIOUS for even a moment!
Even when sleeping soundly, they instantly awaken when Dad's car
is a mile from the house, or a bug skitters across the floor.
For the same reason you will not see your cat
"throw his back out" trying to wrestle down a beaver!

Are you living your Truth as purely as your "animal self" knows how?
Ask your body, listen to your instincts, and follow the lead as far as you can when
you get a feeling you cannot explain. Ask astute questions, hypothesize, imagine -
until something goes ping. We need to make ourselves the clearest channels we
can possibly be in order for our built-in intuition to work on cue. All kinds
of things that "we don't know that we know" are buried in our
cellular structure as tiny memory pockets with embedded triggers.
Each one of us already knows everything we need to know!
Our difficulty is in staying centered in that knowing.
No one can be a better "you" than YOU!


      A basic Huna principle is:
     "Energy flows where attention goes!"
This is similar to the self-fulfilling
  prophecy concept. So, what are YOU
   thinking about - yes now, even as you read?

Why invest all that energy into something outside yourself that is beyond
your control, when all we can ever do, is position ourselves
correctly and "do what we came here to do."
I hear the cry go up, as these words meet your eyes.
"But how do I know what I came here to do?"  It's that ping
you're listening for. What you are meant to do is that which is before you
at this moment. It contains your next step. Observe this moment, your feelings,
your environment, and adjust yourself accordingly. Those of you who
have read any of the Carlos Castaneda series of books may recall
his teacher instructing him to "feel his way" to finding
his Power Spot in any given room, house or place.
A zen angle of this story is over at my zenwwweb site.

Longest Night is the prime time of the year to reacquaint yourself
with yourSELF.  It invites us to gather together in thanks for the year
we have had, and to renew our commitments for the year we are approaching.

It is a time for going within,
honouring our losses as well as our blessings,
and reassessing our choices for the new year to come.
Even if you are not in the habit of making New Year's Resolutions,
this is one year when you will want to take some time to make sure
you are "on the right train." Every 19 years the Saros cycle
of the Lunar Nodes returns to the same place, and
we have a Full Moon right on Winter Solstice.
This is one of those years. It is also
a peak of extreme perigee (closest to earth)
for the Moon, and this is the brightest Full Solstice Moon in 133 years!
Check out what NASA had to say!

The extremity of this polarity (Brightest Moon on Darkest Night) is appropos,
given the radical changes we are being forced to integrate. It also offers hope
of Light in the Darkness, guidance on the Path, and illumination where there was
none. We are being met with challenges never imagined except in the fantastic
minds of our "fiction" writers. For most of us, just learning to write
the digit "2" instead of "1" will be a major undertaking. However,
if we can keep forefront in our minds the meaning of that
number "2" the transition might be easier on all levels.

The vibration of the old millennium: "1" (1000-1999), is singular, independent
and naïve. We write the digit as a vertical line, just as we do the letter "I"
representing the self ("me"). Symbolically, the vertical line is yang, masculine,
phallic, and self-oriented. This might explain the relentlessness of the
ongoing Holy Wars, all proclaiming that "My God is the Only God!"
    Number One is the beginning, the ignition point, initiation.
          We are like Babes in the Woods, numerologically.


Note: Literalists may argue that our calendar is arbitrary
and not "real" in any way. While "literally" true,
most of the planet has collectively agreed to use
this calendar, and is therefore subject to its idiosyncrasies.

Just as the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, is characterized by
its key phrase, "I Am," so does Divine Consciousness (God) manifest Itself in us
through this revelation. If interpreted solely on a personality level, however,
we are in danger of becoming wholly self-immersed and egocentric.
Therefore, the Wisdom of Divine Consciousness follows itself with
the vibrational experience of the Number Two, the inclusion of
"another," bringing a yin influence to balance the One.

Please note: in the UNmanifested reality of "One" there is no need
for balance, as there is only The One, like the chant of "Ohm" reminds us.
The need for balance emerges when The One becomes manifest
as the Self (in each of us) - here on planet Earth.
We live at the crossroads of Spirit and Matter!

This is the precipice on which we stand:

The tsunami wwwave of the millennium shift into 2000 is h-u-g-e!
the end of self-centeredness as a working model,
 and the beginning of togetherness as a guideline.

Our focus for the millennium of "2000s" must be

Yes, we all want WORLD PEACE, but what are we doing
to create that Peace in our own little corner of that World?
Have you thought about how you can ensure that your personal
environment is as nurturing and healthy for you as possible?
Are you allowing the pessimism of the poisoned collective to
permeate your consciousness? (as in an e.joke recently received:
"Where are we going, and why are we in this handbasket?")
If you can still laugh about it, then there is still hope.

The challenge of 2000 and beyond will be our ability to stand
in our own Truth, regardless of outside influences or past conditioning.
As we stand in that Truth, we will soon notice that others are standing
in similar "Truths," with whom we can communicate and resonate.
We will gravitate toward one another almost in spite of ourselves.

The attractions of the 21st century will be of far deeper resonance than
the usual "boy meets girl" flashes - much like watching a movie with 3D glasses.
Holographic memories will overlay this reality, and visions of futures
yet unlived will play before your eyes. Dizzying effects will become
commonplace, and enlightenment lies around every corner.
Just don't expect it to be where you expect it to be! --hahaha--
The real test is never what you think the test is!

This is why the ONLY preparation there is for Life is
being True to OneSelf!  For some, this may mean having ten children, -
for others, leaving home to travel the world, or to live and work
in a "foreign" country. If the traveller tries to build a nest,
it is not likely to work, nor will the natural mother be fulfilled by
visiting endless places far from home. Once we can identify
"this and this and this" as our reality (through inner resonance -
not by making lists and deciding), then the only people who
can become part of it, or have an effect on it,
are those who belong there - by natural resonance.

The hippies were right - "It's the vibes, Man!"

It's the V-I-B-E-S

We will let you meditate on the above,
absorb for a little while, and we will return
with Part 2: the planetary cycles for the New Year!
Meanwhile, let's keep our tuners set on our own frequency.
We wouldn't want to miss any signals being sent our way!


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