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It's really worth it!
"Dance of the Elements"

can you focus on the center of the cyclone? ~ If ~ (the original), by Rudyard Kipling
~ still some of the best advice we've found ~
(may all our feminist friends forgive the gender references)

White Star Line flag    Have a look at TITANIC's Horoscope,
through Sandy's eyes!

... and Tribute to Lady Diana! Diana: angel eyes
the eternal garden of compassion


Stop by "GRAFFITI with GRACE" Paw of Approval
our treasure-trove of rich Quotes and Words of Wisdom!

Do you have TIME for what is REALLY important?  NOW is the Hour! a message of love


TIME is spiraling away from us ~ faster than ever!
Don't wait "for a rainy day," or a "special occasion."
NOW is the "cure" for NEVER.

. . . and while we're on the subject of ~tyme~ don't let it 'go off' without you
It is surely our MOST precious commodity.
Let's take it to The BANK! money bags

bananas Gorilla asks, 'Haven't you guys got it right, yet?' "Why not eat animals?" you ask?
Why not listen-in to the profound Voices
  gathering down at
The Veggie Patch?carrotscarrots

Why not walk along the stone path with us to The Veggie Patch?

keep eating those bananas!Maybe it will be like The Hundredth Monkey it only takes ONE More!

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