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            Greetings ~

                    We hope you find the Aquarian Zone's new features, the current (moment-to-moment) Moon Phase and Sun Clock, as exciting as we do!  We do have one Handy Tip, however.

                       If you come here often, which we highly recommend, you may need to Click your "Reload" or "Refresh" button, in order to be sure you have the "live" image, of either the current Moon Phase, or the Sun Clock.  You may notice that when your browser loads the image afresh, it comes in gradually from top to bottom.  Whereas, if the image appears instantly, all at once, it was probably stored in your pc's cache from a previous visit.  "Reloading" will ensure that you are viewing the very latest rendition of the Solar and Lunar paths.

                    Thanks so much for stopping by.  Enjoy!

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