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Penelope's Pages
Creative Web~Design

would you like help with your web-pages?
~ why choose boredom, confusion, spelling errors and sloppy coding? ~

it's as simple drop Penelope an e~line as that, click here

do you prefer a simple teepee outside in Nature?   what kind of web~presence do you want?   ...or would you rather have all the amenities?

we all have our own path to walk, even on the WWW

whether you need a quick repair, a table formula,
a few new pages, or an entire web-site of
interlinked, graphics-intensive content,

Penelope has your solution
Let your web-page reflect your nature, your character
and your intention ~ through colour, texture,
eye-interest, clear navigation and variety,
as well as correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Simply click on the type of design you would like to see:

Articles (or presentations) with Feeling:

FireGate Ceremonies
Veggie Patch

Titanic's Horoscope
Tribute to Lady Diana
A Special Occasion
Hundredth Monkey
The Bank of Time

Customized Guest Books:

Aquarian Zone

Tables and Forms:

Astrology's Own Web-Ring
Ayurveda Questionnaire
Healing Circle of Yin
Healing Circle of Yin Newsletter
Spiritside: Astrology page

Create the "right" mood:

Ovid's Oracles
Data & Reference
Trudy, the Bag Lady

Let graphics enhance visual impressions:

Travel Guide
Renée's Realm
Critter Corner
 Whispering Winds

Use extra depth and movement with Java Applets:

 note: these pages are very "sensitive," so to protect against jams,
try not to be running other programs or browsers, while viewing them.
Although we *love* Netscape, we highly recommend that you use I.Explorer if you can (any version).
They also take a few extra moments to fully load.
We appreciate your patience.

Watery Delights for your eyes:
Visit our Ring of Lake Applets
Lake applet: Atlantis

Dolphin Doorway

Lady of the Sea
(careful ~ this last one is HUGE, ...but beautiful; scroll slowly...)

e~mailPenelope's e~mail box is always OPENPenelope
Let her know what you would like.

Time keeps on spinning...spinning...spinning...into the Future...     More examples will be added, as ~tyme~ permits.
The creative possibilities for your web-pages
are limited only by our imaginations.
Let Penelope spin your Vision into a Web~Site.
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