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My Mother's Garden

Her heart is like her garden, old-fashioned, quaint and sweet
With here a wealth of blossoms, and there a still retreat.
Sweet violets are hiding, we know as we pass by,
And lilies, pure as angel thoughts, are opening somewhere nigh.

Forget-me-nots there linger, to full protection brought,
And there bloom purple pansies in many a tender thought.
There love's own roses blossom, as from enchanted ground,
And lavish perfume exquisite, the whole glad year around.

And in that quiet garden - the garden of her heart -
Songbirds are always singing their songs of cheer apart.
And from it floats forever, o'ercoming sin and strife,
Sweet as the breath of roses blown, the fragrance of her life.


Happy Mother's Day
to All Moms Everywhere