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they asked Merlin Mervin:
"Who Is Taurus?"
©1999, Rudy Mervin, All Rights Reserved.


Possessive and persevering,
The invincible force
And the immovable object,
Sign of the Earth,
Physical and fertile,
Fashions the land of milk and honey.

In his past is Aries
Who took the land by force,
Which Taurus now cultivates
In security and stability.

His future is in Gemini
Where in conversation, trade and barter
His intellect is quickened
By the requirements of possession.

Scorpio allures in opposition,
Manipulating the immovable object
Through its own desire,
Flaunting a gift not given freely
But in secret trade,
For in a kind of lust
Scorpionic purpose is met.
With Leo, that fiery king,
Taurus is at odds.
Blazing commands
Startle him into acquiescence,
Before he can set his stance.
Too slow of thought,
He can only think later
Of what he should have done,
And that kingly assumption of superiority
Puts him on the defensive.

And as for Cancer,
Taurus knows well the value
Of a mother.
Nurturing children
Is like nurturing crops.
Care makes a difference in quality,
And Cancer does have
Such a comfortable home!

And Pisces, that footloose vagabond
Is an amusing fellow,
And he plays a good tune
On his violin,
Making it a pleasure
For me to sing in accompaniment.
But one must be careful,
For he'll steal the coin
Right out of your hand -
Though he had tears in his eyes
And was truly comforting
When I told him the tale of my woe.

Now, take Sagittarius, and Libra -
Those are irritating fellows.
The one is always off somewhere
Searching for God knows what -
He doesn't know the value of stability.
Sagittarius has ability, and courage
But he'll never amount to anything
Unless he settles down,
And that's the bottom line.
And he's rude, and tactless,
Though sometimes he does have
A good story to tell
Of far-off places -
Though none as good as here.

As for Libra,
It irritates me to see a man
So dependent on another
That he can only work in harness.
And he'll hide behind skirts
Letting his wife take an equal part.
Scorpio may get what she wants,
But I am the boss of my household,
And if I were Libra
I wouldn't moon around,
But give her a bit of

But, to give that Libra credit,
He does have nice possessions
And can paint a pretty picture,
Like that painting of his wife -
And he can sing, and write poetry,
Though one gets tired of eternal love songs.
He is too much with his woman
And has grown effeminate through association.
He speaks of balance,
But a man must have manly conversation
To keep his balance as a man.

Aquarius is hardly better.
His words whistle on through ears.
Those concepts, like equality
- Obvious nonsense - complete impracticality.
Give to those above,
And it trickles down to those below.
The movement must be from the top.
Money is like water - it obeys the law of gravity.
Anyway, possessions are the mark of a man,
And you can tell a man
By what he has on his back,
And that doesn't say much for Aquarius!
He should forget his theories
And just get to work on something practical:
Wife, home, and family,
And security and stability -
These are the ideality,
As well as comfort; and this reality
Is the reality of the world
Where what you grow
Is what you eat.

Now, Capricorn and Virgo -
Those two can be understood.
Capricorn is a good fellow to know.
He knows the importance of position,
And his suggestions are good sense,
Given not with smug superiority
Like that Leonine parasite,
But as plain, practical good sense.

And as for Virgo -
Now there's a fair fellow
Who knows how to fashion things practical
And has stored away in his memory
Where to find this or that.
And you only have to show him once
And he can do it.
And there are good, practical conversations
With Virgo, about land and crops
And money, and things that matter.


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