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Grandmother Spider spins her eternal web Lady Moon's Phases reflect our own ebbs and flows

Star Gazer's Journal records celestial happenings   ~ Virgo ~

Moons of Virgo (September):

FULL MOON:       August 26; 4:48pm - Pisces, 3°17'
3rd Quarter:       Sept. 2; 3:17pm - Gemini, 10°00'
NEW Moon:       Sept. 9; 3:02pm - Virgo, 16°47'
1st Quarter:       Sept. 17; 1:06pm - Sagittarius, 24°29'

Please Note:
All aspects are approximated for the West Coast of North America (PDT+7=GMT). Adjustments may be required for other parts of the world.

Our resident sky-watcher reveals her notes in Astro-Log:  a sketch of this month's heavenly activities. As the planets dance through the celestial ballroom, the "Music of the Spheres" impacts on our entire environment, from macrocosm to microcosm. In our continual attempts to "go with the flow," checking the current cosmic pulse through Astro-Log, can help us harmonize with the moment, the Eternal Now. These effects are GLOBAL, regardless of your "sign." Obviously, the way they interact with your own personal horoscope will determine "how" you personally experience them.

          As the ~tyme~warps~ continue, we are doing our best to transmit these Logs promptly, but true to its name, the Aquarian Zone runs on its own frequency and does not always coincide with ~earth~tyme~. This monthly report is usually posted by the natural solar rhythm
which occurs each time the Sun changes signs. It is meant to be a Guide, not Gospel.
Our Star-Gazer sincerely hopes that her notes are a help to you.

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~ Virgo Victorious! ~

CLICK for full-size image - Wolf is totem of Virgo, teacher, sister and friend.

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Wolf is totem of Virgo, teacher, sister and friend.

Aug. 23 - Sun enters Virgo, 6:15 a.m. PDT,   sidles up to the Capricorn Moon, and throws us into our work. Don't expect this tomorrow, so take advantage of the day, and finally do that thing you have been avoiding. You are bound to feel better for it.

Aug. 24 - Pieces don't seem to fit, as Aquarian Moon scrambles your lens. Try a new angle, detour, back road, upstairs window or just venture "off the beaten path," for a better shot at the goal. Charge-up your cell phone, and expect delays or roadblocks. Jupiter turns Rx and pulls back the reins.

Aug. 25 - Occultationsoccultation: see footnote of Neptune and Uranus, by the Moon these past two days, will have set our feet on a new path, or our minds into new dimensions. Options open up that were not options before. Alternate ideas take-on a new hue of fascination or intrigue. Chance meetings go better than planned ones. Save them for Friday.

Aug. 26 - FULL Moon in Pisces ~ Intuition runs high, but watch your head on the low beams, or your foot on the curb. Take the scenic route, and pause at the beachfront café. A new tide rolls in, clouds take shape into revelations, and challenge spurs you onward.

Aug. 27 - Keep the dream alive; don't push the river - yet. Great day for a juice fast, or tropical fruit extravaganza, and take a stroll by the water, or let your imagination flow into other realities - as long as you are off the road!

Aug. 28 - Last chance to cement the deal, but make sure it is the deal you want. If a little birdie tries to steer you away, take note, and don't sign! Idealism can be a blind-spot; better to stay neutral than to jump onto the wrong train. Likewise, if "all signs say GO," then your timing is impeccable!

Aug. 29 - Aries Moon is ready for a new start, but Saturn turning Rx makes sure we are grounded first. Check the safety belt before you jump! Quick reflexes, flashes of insight and déjà vu will inform you as you go. Grandpa's words come to mind.

Aug. 30 - Keep the list simple, sidestep agitations, and be ready to grab the maps, charts or files, as needed. Check insurance policies for rebates and the trunk in the attic for lost heirlooms. Flexibility counts.

Aug. 31 - Taurus Moon settles in, as Mercury enters Virgo; cross your t's and dot your i's. Mars at 29°Scorpio keeps the pressure on; staying focused is the key. The boat may wobble, but it does not have to sink. Working in the garden may help stabilize your energy.

Sept. 1 - A day of reminiscing, feeling lost and moving slowly. Debts are called, scores are tallied and dividends paid. Cleaning, pruning, repairing and organizing will all bring satisfaction.

Sept. 2 - Last Quarter Moon in Gemini - If you have been sitting in a pressure cooker, the lid explodes. Mars into Sagittarius releases pent-up frustrations and blows open the doors. Gemini Moon says, "It's time to talk." Communication improves later in the day. Note: This day brings to a close the retrograde cycle of Mars in Scorpio, active since Jan. 11, and retrospective of 1984 and 1967. Major karmic debts have been paid, and pathways completed. Know where you stand now, as compared to then.

Sept. 3 - Yesterday's mayhem smoothes out, and order returns. Social plans are in the air, and weekend weather should cooperate. Good news from friends, surprise gifts and unexpected cash. Untrue words could come back to haunt you - say what you mean.

Sept. 4 - Road-blocks may cause delay, but Cancer Moon leads the way with picnics, meetings and reunions. Nourishment of all sorts is abundant; the food will be spectacular all weekend, the intellectual stimulation stunning and emotional wounds are soothed.

Sept. 5 - Business meetings on a Sunday? - yes, and family matters are settled, and housing disputes resolved. Lost energy is returning, and new plans are underway. Trust your hunches and your reflexes.

Sept. 6 - Moon in Leo wants to do something noteworthy, memorable, stupendous. Careful - not too big! The days are almost equal now in hours of dark and light; this balance is our best guide as Venus stands still.

Sept. 7 - Watch you don't run out of gas, or batteries, or time. Excesses will be costly, ethics may be questioned and motivations challenged. Be ready with receipts, back-ups and evidence. Listen for the call.

Sept. 8 - Sun and Mercury bring big minds together, powerful dotted-lines and giant contracts; pay close attention. Catch-up day, tie-up loose ends, sort priorities and get organized. Virgo Moon has work in store for you. Glitches can be danced around, or talked through, and the rest of the To-Do List can wait for tomorrow.

9 ~ 9 ~ 9 ~ 9 ~~~ spiraling through T ~ I ~ M ~ E !       9/9/99       9 ~ 9 ~ 9 ~ 9 ~~~ spiraling through T ~ I ~ M ~ E !

Sept. 9 - NEW Moon in Virgo, as Mercury and the Sun & Moon all trine Saturn, for devout promises and ancient vows to be honored, insurance policies to mature, estates settled and cornerstones firmly set in place! The answer is, "Yes." You are ready.

Sept. 10 - New health regimes are initiated, decisions are made with confidence and you are finally getting the "lay of the land." Old clues make sense, missing pieces are found and intuition is *hot* as Neptune dances the Moon into Libra, and coaxes Venus to show her face (and move forward). It is really true; now you can honestly believe!

Sept. 11 - Knowing what you value most brings joy to this weekend. Relationships are shining, new pathways open up before you and creativity springs forth. Unexpected turns in the road reveal delights and fresh ideas. Try a new angle, and the landscape changes.

Sept. 12 - The air clears and new pleasures are yours. Let your instincts guide you more than your mind. The trees, the animals and the little ones know more than you think; listen. Share the simplicities of Life; little things mean a lot.

Sept. 13 - Weekend excesses may take their toll as Scoprio Moon brings in results. Keep your focus "close to home" as Neptune & Jupiter may fog-up your lenses if you venture too far afield. Overstepping bounds is a pitfall today; mind your own business, even if the neighbors haven't stopped partying.

Sept. 14 - Not the day to challenge authority, break the law or pick a fight. Keep your nose clean, save receipts, balance your checkbook, and don't leave your appointment book behind. Terms can be worked out, but tempers may flare, and explosions are likely. This includes radiators, water pipes, furnaces and all vehicles, so listen to your intuition, and stay out of dangerous situations. Mars and Pluto conjoin today, so commitment to Self and Soul Purpose are top priority; stand in your Truth.

Sept. 15 - Resolutions are found, and light-heartedness returns as Mercury and Neptune share stories with the Sagittarian Moon. Listen to the wisdom of the Elders; some Truths are eternal - "their tale" might be "your tale." This is how the Myths of Old come alive through us, time after time after time. Many Doors close tonight, as many more are opened.

Lady Moon waxes and wanes through time - time - time ...

Sep. 16 - A new sense of identity helps clear the way for new contracts, associations and other dealings. Road blocks will open, commerce improves and old miscommunications are rectified. Knowing yourself is the critical core issue; the rest will fall into place.

Sept. 17 - First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius pushes us forward inspite of ourselves, and not only that, but help and support arrive, long overdue. Serendipity (happy 'accidents') is everywhere, to ease the stress of the challenges. We are all beginning to feel the approaching Autumn Equinox at a cellular level, and our instincts to conserve, preserve and keep it simple are kicking in.

Sept. 18 - Capricorn Moon sobers the air for an enjoyable, but more sensible weekend. Careful planning and an occasional glance over your shoulder should keep you in the race. If you get confused, the answer lies behind you. Lady Luck shines and all earthly pleasures are enhanced.
      Bonus: 2-day Antique-Lovers' Bonanza Weekend

Sept. 19 - Last night's promises are made good today. Heirlooms, older folks, estate sales and memorabilia may all be catalysts for shifting the priorities on contractual agreements. Your best interests may be served by taking the "long way home," the "old road" or the "tried and true" path.

Sept. 20 - Closure is in the air; lock the gate, and throw away the key. New tools, new vehicles and new landscapes await you; don't be drawn-in by the chaos around you. Psychic energy is running high; stick to the plan until the very last minute; trust your instincts to make the right move. Moon flies into Aquarius, and eagle-eye snatches up the deal.

Sept. 21 - Chiron enters Sagittarius, and a huge weight lifts. Aquarian Moon brings perspective and options, new associates and methods. The Sun's passage through Virgo is coming to a close; rake the leaves or finish cleaning out the shed, as the leaves of autumn begin to swirl.

Sept. 22 - It may be difficult to stay grounded today; remember to eat sensibly and take a breather - outside please! When in doubt, take a deep breath, pause and exhale before speaking, signing or leaping. Realities seem to shift, new players appear on stage and as the Moon slips into Pisces you write, "Dear Diary, ...the oddest thing..."

Sept. 23 - Autumn Equinox ~ Sun enters Libra (4:32 a.m. PDT)
Balance is the KEY, as the sign of the Scales reaches 0ºpoint, and the Dance of Light and Dark is renewed. Pisces Moon reminds us to take it easy, go with the flow and not try to force anything. The proverbial bigger hammer will not work.

Our feathered friends always know the way.


~~~combing the cosmic mines~~~ sorrrrry for the time~blips, but...
~ transmissions are always coming in ... stay-tuned ~

occultation An occultation occurs when the Moon (or any planet) passes between the Earth and a planet, obscuring it from view temporarily, since occult means hidden. This phenomenon happens when the two bodies in question are in conjunction (same degree of longitude) and parallel (same degree of declination), at the same time. This means they are at the same position in the sky, "both up & down, and sideways."

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