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Grandmother Spider spins her eternal web Lady Moon's Phases reflect our own ebbs and flows

Star Gazer's Journal records celestial happenings   ~ Pisces ~

Moons of Pisces (March):

  3rd Quarter:
NEW Moon:
  1st Quarter:
  Feb. 19; 8:27am -   Virgo, 0° 20'
    Feb. 26;   7:53pm -   Sagittarius, 7° 51'
Mar.  5;   9:17pm -   Pisces, 15° 56'
    Mar. 12;   10:59pm -   Gemini, 23° 01'
Mar. 19; 8:44pm -   Virgo, 29° 53'

Please Note:
All aspects are approximated for the West Coast of North America (PST+8=GMT). Adjustments may be required for other parts of the world.

Our resident sky-watcher reveals her notes in Astro-Log:  a sketch of this month's heavenly activities. As the planets dance through the celestial ballroom, the "Music of the Spheres" impacts on our entire environment, from macrocosm to microcosm. In our continual attempts to "go with the flow," checking the current cosmic pulse through Astro-Log, can help us harmonize with the moment, the Eternal Now. These effects are GLOBAL, regardless of your "sign." Obviously, the way they interact with your own personal horoscope will determine "how" you personally experience them.

          As the ~tyme~warps~ continue, we are doing our best to transmit these Logs promptly, but true to its name, the Aquarian Zone runs on its own frequency and does not always coincide with ~earth~tyme~. This monthly report is usually posted by the natural solar rhythm
which occurs each time the Sun changes signs. It is meant to be a Guide, not Gospel.
Our Star-Gazer sincerely hopes that her notes are a help to you.

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~ Pisces Peccadillos! ~

Feb. 19 - FULL Moon in Virgo - The last few days sailed by in a blurrrrr, as four planets changed signs in eight days! Mars zoomed into Aries on Feb. 11, then Jupiter into Taurus on Valentine's Day, Venus into Aquarius on Feb. 17, and today the Sun enters Pisces! Energies are moving quickly, and the scenes change at the blink of an eye. Do not think for one minute that the world you see is the world you will get on the morrow. Tie broken threads, finish up incomplete fragments, deal with all the little details, and you will be amazed at how much you get done.

Feb. 20 - Contacts are made, phone calls get through and contracts are signed. Irritability may spark arguments; better to take separate walks than to fight your way along the path. Personal misunderstandings are possible, so if in doubt, ask. Ask also, for a receipt or guarantee, as Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow. Stick to the work at hand to avoid conflicts.

Feb. 21 - Mercury retrograde begins, for three weeks, until March 14. This standstill of Hermes, the messenger, can mean that bridges are out or lines are down, so plan alternate routes. Border crossings and river banks should be avoided if possible, and focus instead on romance and art. The Moon is in Libra sending seductive messages to Venus and Neptune, her favorite friends for wining and dining and dancing and flirting. Drive safely; watch for black ice.

Feb. 22 - New groups and alliances hold interest for you, as you see the landscape afresh. Social, political or community affairs are filling the air with speculation. Know how to read your own inner signals, as there are too many chaotic thoughts flying around in the air to be able to read them correctly. Interruptions or distractions may short-circuit your brain, so you will need your intuitive channels to be clear.

Feb. 23 - This is a secret day, one in which you can steal a few minutes or hours, just for yourself. A void-of-course Moon all day provides a vacuum-like atmosphere, in which you may carry on, unnoticed. Efforts to get others' attention, or complete the project, will fall on deaf ears, so pay heed to your own symbols. Lady Moon slips into Scorpio later on, and discovers Jupiter with his hand in the cookie jar. Surprise!

Feb. 24 - A day of reconciling the books; judgments are issued and debts come due. Have your paperwork handy and your explanations ready! Truth can be stranger than fiction; it is dangerous to presume anything. However, if you have been taking the brunt, the tables may turn and your money arrive. Know who you are dealing with, and if you "smell a rat," do not get involved.

Feb. 25 - Some answers bring relief, but also provoke more questions. Another day of void-of-course Moon (in Scorpio), so a cliff-hanger ending is expected. Monday and Tuesday will bring resolution, but for now, ride the wave as best you can. Insights, bright ideas and higher mindedness will carry you through the time-warps.

Feb. 26 - Sagittarian Moon releases the pressure and throws a party. The day is breezy and refreshing, but don't forget to call Mom like you promised, or the baby-sitter with your phone number, or the restaurant for reservations. You might get caught having so much fun that you trip over your shoe-lace. Drug reactions are possible.

Feb. 27 - There is a lot of ground to cover before sunset, more to do than you knew, and some of it more complicated than you had hoped, but the general thrust is forward, supportive friends are close-by and the atmosphere is cheerful. Energy may sag by the end of the day, so a priority list may help keep the mood high through evening. Neighbors may call the cops if the party gets too loud.

Feb. 28 - The work gets done quickly and effortlessly, and you barely know it is Monday. New ideas and projects burst forth, and enthusiasm runs high. Capricorn Moon adds stability to the planning stages, and even the glitches or obstacles will sort themselves out by morning. Visibility problems or lost glasses could delay departure; remember to lock your car.

Feb. 29 - This rare date on our calendars promises to be a satisfying one. You may be exhausted by bedtime, so plan a hot-tub and/or a massage if you can. All the ideas come together at once, and everybody wants to talk to you, and they all have "important matters" to discuss. Take your time in blocks of 15 minutes and your food in 3-bite meals, all through the day, and you may still feel human by the time you land on the couch.

Sorry, folks. It doesn't happen often, but our Star-Gazer got caught (in the Mercury Rx!) in unavoidable turbulence and was not able to transmit her log as usual. We apologize for any disruptions in your travel plans.


~~~combing the cosmic mines~~~ sorrrrry for the time~blips, but...
~ transmissions are always coming in ... stay-tuned ~


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