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Aquarian Zone
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Spirit-WWW:  One World, One Spirit
Spirit-WWW is the most comprehensive Spiritual Resource site on the WWW. 1000s of articles, references, teachings, interviews, links - "everything" to satisfy the spiritual search! 

One Spirit Project
Click Here
Large Resource Directory
Facilitating Personal Growth
and Spiritual Enlightenment
  One Spirit Project

Please Visit The hOMe Foundation - the Path of Kriya Yoga!

Self-Improvement Online

The Definitive Guide to Personal Growth,
      Self Improvement and Self-Help

The Wheel
Cosmic Dance
Earth Shaker
step into The WHEEL Silver Moon
Golden Sun
and... Jaguar

An International Directory of People, Places, Products, Projects, and Services of Spirit

find comfort, inspiration and delight   Spiritual Growth ~
All about Mysticism, Human Potential,
A Course in Miracles, 12-step program,
free readings and more!

Millennium much do YOU know about the oh-so-many paths?

Learn all about Spirit, Gaia, Vision, the Sphinx, Prophecy,
and lots more!

SELF-Awareness, Acceptance, Empowerment logo

Terrific commentary on SELF..., Happiness, Relationships, Philosophy, and even her mini-autobiography is full of illuminations. Links too.

wouldn't you rather be HAPPY?


The New-Age Directory

Haven't found it yet? Check here!

Products & Services

Banyen Books and Sound
~ "Where it all began" in Vancouver, BC, 1970 ~
NOW! 27,000 titles to illumine the mind & enrich the soul!

Larimar ~ stone of Peace, Clarity, Healing and Love
Rare, Precious, Spiritual

Bonita Larimar Collection

Order Yours Today!

sacred passage to Earth Wisdom
  Live so that . . .
Those who know you,
But do not know
the Great Mystery
Will want to know
the Great Mystery
because they know you.

Visit Earth Wisdom

Visit Crown Jewels - Crystals, jewelry, healing postcards, free downloads, links to zillions of metaphysical web-sites + more!

Visit Crown Jewels
Crystals, jewelry, healing postcards, free downloads, tons of links!

F-I-R-E * G-A-T-E
Dance through the Fire~Gate and let the Heart~Light shine! Please visit another part of our Global Family,
from New Zealand, at
Lotus Centre International
who perform and teach the Sacred Dances of Life
and embrace this Earth with Truth, Love and Healing.
The Time Has Come, That Time for which we wait,
Let the Flame become the Fire, And let the Light shine forth.
eternal flame of the Heart

Energy Works logo
Energy Workers: Look at this!


Kirlian Photography Cameras, Biofeedback Machines, Flotation Tanks, Magnet Therapy, Lucid Dreaming & More! Now you can document the healing work you are doing! Click here! Kirlian photo: Energy Works

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Temple of Literati
books ~ books ~ books

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