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rainbow window through which
we may see the world in all its magnificent colours.
Our angle is a metaphysical one, aiming to show both the literal
and the symbolic connections between the mystic realms and the mundane.

The Universe is holistic.
Our work focuses on attuning ourselves to the Music of the Spheres,
our inherent wholeness, through which we can naturally gravitate
to our "rightful" place, the only one with our own name on it.


Enter the Moon Temple

Pause for a moment at the Moon Temple, as you enter the Gateway to Gaia

We sincerely hope that your travels through the AQUARIAN ZONE
will always illuminate, educate and excite you. The more sense it all makes,
the more empowered we become to manifest our greatest potential.

Everything on this site is meant to perpetuate the theme of integrity,
spirituality and consciousness. If you would like a closer look
at your personal threads of this grand tapestry,
private consultations are available by phone or e-mail, with

Sandy Hughes, our Astrologer and web~weaver.
Please visit her SoulScopes web-site.

Don't miss Sandy's

If a man does not keep pace with his companions,
perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.
Let him step to the music he hears,
however measured or far away.
~ Henry David Thoreau ~


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Personal Internet Pager: "I Seek You"


A Call to Peace! Please join us! A Call to Peace A Call to Peace! Please join us!

Sandy planted a Time-Garden to honour Neptune entering Aquarius - 11/28/98


Ark of the Covenant shines forth the Light ~ consider this...
consider this

get the bird's-eye view; see it all!    Aquarian Zone Travel Tip       wormholes abound; look closely
For a truly deluxe tour of the Aquarian Zone,
hold your mouse-pointer over the images as you go, anywhere on the site,
Life is always more than what it seems to reveal
hidden messages which will enrich your entire experience. do you want to see the whole message?
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"Integrityis the only Path
on which you will never get lost."
~ M.H. McKee ~

may we walk in truth and grace

e~mail Sandy here! 
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or Call Sandy: 604-588-4178
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since March 10, 1998

Updated June 28, 2001

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