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What mysteries lie beyond the horizon?     The Riddle of the Sphinx
© Desert Lion



     Since the the Hall of Records ("HOR") was my obsession most of my life, I
     started to put the pieces together and make connections about the true location
     of this store house of information that was left for us to find by our Ancient
     brothers of Atlantis so long ago. If other planes of reality do exist, and other
     dimensions are all around us, could it be possible that the HOR is residing not
     on the earth plane, but somewhere else?

     If I were an advanced ancient who had the responsibility of hiding the HOR for
     some future generation to find, I certainly would not put it a few feet under the
     Sphinx, so people who were not spiritually ready for such wisdom could find it
     and use it for negative purposes! On the contrary, I would use the technical and
     spiritual advances of my Era, and put it in a place that exists beyond space and
     time. I would put it in a higher vibration of consciousness, so only people who are
     spiritually ready and developed enough can access it with the powers of mind and


      I, for one, believe that the Ancient Egyptians, along with the rest of the Ancient
     World, had the knowledge of such technical and spiritual skills. As a matter of
     fact, I believe that the complex at Giza was built for that very reason! A place of
     initiation and the development of the mind to go beyond the limits of the
     physical world and travel the frontiers of inner space. Are we looking in wrong
     directions? Are all the spiritual masters correct in saying that the answers don't

     lie without but within? Has our modern day science taken a train ride that goes
     in the wrong direction? As I sit here typing, I wonder if my deceased
     grandmother is sitting next to me right now in some other realm of energy that
     my objective faculties can't pick up.


     I found something written in the Pyramid texts, and I would like to share it with
     you. It hints to the strong possibility that the Egyptians were well aware of the
     mind and the chakras. And their exploration of meditation and higher
     consiousness. The spirit, transcendental spirtual light which was called "akh" by
     the ancient Egyptians, would require volumes for the description of its qualities.
     however, a strange passage in the pyramid texts tells us that "the king absorbed
     the seven frontal cobras which then became the seven cervical vertebrae which
     commanded the entire dorsal spine." These cobras, which spit fire, recall the
     Kundalini "serpent-fire" of the Hindu tradition, and this passage also seems to
     refer to certain of the vital centers or chakras, one of which occupies precisely
     the place of the royal "uraeua" in the forehead.


     Have you noticed that just about all religions and spiritual traditions have that
     mark on their forehead? The Egyptians with the cobra, the Catholics with the
     ashes, and the Hindus with the dot? It is the place of the Pineal gland of the
     brain.  [Genesis 32:30] I saw god face to face and called the place peniel.


     If we are dealing here with the human mind as the portal of energy and
     vibration of different frequencies, then we can verify that the HOR only can be
     contacted through our own innate psychic abilities. This would make the pineal
     gland of the brain the ARK of the COVENANT, the HALL of RECORDS, the
     KEYS of ENOCH, the HOLY GRAIL, and the HOLY OF HOLIES!! Like the great
     Buddha said, "The kingdom of heaven lies closer than the brow above your eye,
     but yet you do not see it."
Therefore, it is my humble opinion that we can access
Hall of Records through proper aligning and meditative practices to awaken
     the human mind. And to gain access through our intuitive and subconscious
     parts of the brain.

     Under the sands of Giza and many other parts of the world, lie crystals that
     exist in a 5th dimension of being. And within their matrix is encoded all the
     wisdom of the ages recorded by many ancient cultures long swept away by the
     laws of transition and change which embodies the great mind of the multiverse.


~ John Carlo ~

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