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Fire Dance through the Fire-Gate... Gate
From: Lotus Centre International
Sandra Paul, Craig Storey-Farquharson, Mark Gough

An Open letter to All Humanity from The Dances of Life
We extend our love and greetings to you, our dear friend, acquaintance or person of a like-mind. We are 3 New Zealanders who have been deeply involved in a process of Opening The Human Heart through ‘The Dances of Life’. For 3 years we have been performing and dancing all around New Zealand and most recently travelling and dancing around the world, gradually gathering momentum, Dancing steadily and consciously towards a powerful and potent Celestial Event.

This event is the Solar Eclipse of August 11th 1999, 11.08 am UK time. And although his event culminates in Cornwall, UK, its significance is world-wide and we invite you to participate in the world-spanning Koro Meditation,
(included below), on that wonderful day.

If you have questions, comments, observations or input of any kind,
please write to
or visit our website:

The big picture for those who would like to dance with us is this...
July 23rd - August 11th, the Dance of The Soul Star / Earth Star will be performed in 7 countries around the world, gathering energy, raising vibrations and assisting the Opening of the Human and Planetary Heart. In New Zealand the Dances will be in 10 cities over 20 days and around the world there are many Dances in many places, probably there will be one close to you. and on August the 11th, we will focus as one unified planetary family on the Opening of the Human and Planetary Heart.

August 11th is a very important time for all of Humanity. Spoken about by prophets for many ages, this Eclipse is a very potent time, but it has greater implications with the influences of the Eagle, (Scorpio), The Lion, (Leo), The OX (Taurus) and The Man (Aquarius) all being powerfully stimulated within the framework of the Leo New Moon, encouraging us to seek light and love.

On August 11th, in the UK, thousands will gather in, or near, Cornwall to celebrate this Grand Conjunction, while in Canada, America, U.K, Sweden, Russia, Australia and in other countries, groups will gather to Dance The Soul Star / Earth Star or to perform the Koro Meditation. In New Zealand, the polar opposite point of the eclipse, we will gather in Nelson to perform the Stellar GateWay, the culmination of this extraordinary period, shifting consciousness through four dimensions.

New Zealand’s role is to ground the Light generated in the Base chakra of our planet, the point furthermost away from the light of the eclipse. We will then pass those energies onto the Heart chakra of the planet, the USA/Canadian groups, who will centre and amplify the energies and then pass them onto the Crown chakra of the planet, the UK/European groups who will distribute them to the Group Conscious Mind, stimulating growth and positive change of human consciousness.

You are cordially invited to join us, or to join the world-wide Koro Meditation. If have been inspired to join us in The Dance of The Soul Star / Earth Star, and would gather people to Dance with you, all the details you need are found on our website, To successfully perform the Dance you will need the music, ‘Aztlainra’ available through the site. It has been made especially for the Dances and is a powerful personal meditation also.

If you are going to hold a Dance or meditation in your area, then please let us know, and we will include you on the website and in our daily meditations, and will assist in connecting others with you to assist you in your event. Also you will find attached a mudra of Love, Light & Power to include in your meditation to unite you will all the other groups in the world wide task of Opening the Human Heart.

This World Wide Event Really Needs You, and we thank you for your time, love, understanding and commitment to the Principle of Peace.

Included here is the Koro Meditation, the Instructions for using it, The Opening Ceremony (with pictures attached) and Koros Map of Consciousness.
Thank you

Koro Meditation

Ancient Warrior,
You have been waiting many seasons,
Searching, travelling many dimensions,
We honour and celebrate your spirit and Mana, (Maa-nah)

You have been truly gifted with the
Wisdom of the Ancients.
You have arrived at the Knowledge of that which
revolves and motivates Life,
The glue of the Universes, love is forgiveness.

Know the time has arrived to bring the
Light of the Golden Sun
into our Mother Papatuanuku
and the chosen land for the
Doorway is our own Aotearoa.

The Light of the Golden Sun fills our cells
and illuminates our essence.
Now, with the spirit of the Ancestors,
We can travel as one through the
Triangle of Hawaiiki Tapu.
(Ha-why-ee-key Tah-pu.)

The Koro Meditation is a Unity Meditation. Its purpose is to bring the world together, to assist in opening the Doorway to Consciousness, and to provide a clear bridge for us to focus upon. To conduct this world wide meditation successfully we ask that you perform it on August 11th 1999 at 11.08 GMT, please check the time in your local time zone to coincide with this. One person will read the meditation aloud while the others focus upon sending their energy to the points described in the paragraph below. Use all your creativity, imagination and abilities in creating this meditation into a Ceremony of Consciousness..

Depending upon where in the world you are, sit comfortably or stand in a formation following these guidelines... New Zealand, Australia, South America, South-East Asia and The Pacific Nations Arrange the group to hold the symbol of the Earth glyph as shown.Å This is also the symbol for Christ Consciousness. At the centre of the symbol whoever will read the meditation sits or you could place a suitable anchoring crystal. These countries hold the Base Chakra of the meditation, their job is to raise and gather energy for transmission.

At the conclusion of the meditation, focus on sending the energy you have gathered to the Heart of The Earth and then to send that energy to the groups also meditating in the United States of America, where they will use it to Open and Heal the Hearts of Humanity. The Northern United States, Canada, Alaska and the Arctic Territories. At the same time, August 11th 1999 at 11.08 GMT, all groups in the North America Hemisphere perform the same meditation but they will sit in the Sun Glyph as shown. Q In the centre of the symbol whoever will read the meditation sits or you could place a suitable anchoring crystal. These Countries hold the Heart Chakra of Humanity. They will receive the energy raised by the Southern Hemisphere groups, then send it to the Heart of The Earth and then out to Open the Hearts of Humanity. The will then sends their collective energies and the other groups energies onto the English/European groups to transmission to the Group Consciousness.

The United Kingdom, all European States, Russia and others:
These groups will sit in a Circle, with any one member reading the Meditation aloud. At exactly 11.08 GMT on August 11th 1999 the Solar Eclipse will pass over Cornwall in the UK. This is the celestial event we are coordinating with. The task of the English/European groups is to receive the energy transmitted from The Base Chakra (The Southern Hemisphere groups), and from the Heart Chakra (the Northern American Hemisphere groups). The English/European groups will amplify this grounded and centered heart energy and will then transmit it to out the Chown Chakra of Planet Earth for integration into the Group Consciousness of Humanity. This is how we will change Consciousness together

The Opening Ceremony is a simple but vital method for uniting everyone who will be involved in The Dances and The Koro Meditation. It has a magnifying and magnetizing effect upon the energy of the group, focuses attention and intention and establishes purpose within the group. With everyone standing gathered in a circle, facing in, everyone brings their hands into Prayer Position in front of their Heart, making eye contact with the person immediately opposite them. One person says aloud, ‘Open the Doors to Ra’ and together everyone slowly opens to Ka position, (hands up in an attitude of surrender) focusing upon Opening the Door to the Heart. When everyone is ready, everyone performs The Opening of the Heart Ceremony with the Three Tones.

The words pronounced within the Opening Ceremony are ancient Words of Power, and a ‘liberal’ translation may be accepted as
Aztlan: (trans.) Spirit or Light
Antes: (trans.) Heart or Love
Harone: (trans.) Matter or Power

The RIGHT Hand moves in a clockwise circle down to the Heart, up over the Crown and back to the start. Together you say “Aztlan”

Take the RIGHT hand quickly over to the LEFT, then draw it back to the starting position. Together you say “Antes“

Move the RIGHT hand to the Centre, draw it down in a STRAIGHT LINE from The Crown to The Heart. Together you say “Harone”

The next steps for Opening of the Heart are vocal, they are three Natural Tones, specifically ‘hums’ produced within the body, in this order:
Throat Chakra (G)
Heart Chakra (B)
Crown Chakra (F)

The notes are brief, lasting for as little as two or three seconds. Together they create your personal AUM. When concluded open your hands further to connect with the people either side of you. As you do, everyone intones the Word "Aztlainra", and raises their hands up high for a breath in and out. Upon lowering your hands say aloud..
The Time Has Come,
The Time for which we wait
Let the flame become the Fire,
Let the Light Shine forth.

The Opening Ceremony is done and the Koro Meditation can begin.
In Love, Light & Peace
Sandra Paul
Craig Storey-Farquharson
Mark Gough

Aztlan, Antes, Harone

e-mail: e-mail
by phone: In Canada (604) 921-4055

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