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Summer 1999


Astrological Climate Report

~ as seen from Sandy's Stellar~Craft ~

Sandy's Stellar~Craft


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The last Climate Report is still online for a reread,
and the zen story is also at ~sandwaves~ zenwwweb.

What seems like the longest spring in history gives way to summer
with Mars going Direct after 2 1/2 months of "going backwards."
Can you relate? The spear point of Destiny seems to be sharpening,
much like the crescendo that builds as a movie or an opera approaches its climactic ending. This retrograde period has been for the purpose of searching through the ruins to find our lost pieces - of our lives, our loved ones
and ourselves. The deafening uncertainties in our future counsel us to
stay close to family and friends. For some, this may mean only e-mail,
but stay in touch, and know where "the others" are.

1999 can only be a monumental year, to say the least!
The end of a decade, a century, a millennium... so naturally,
each of us is being challenged on many, many levels at the same time.
Saturn having come into Taurus is reminding us of the mundane, basic,
simple duties necessary for sustenance of life, and the precious value of that life! Health and well-being have become a top priority. Jupiter will be joining Saturn in Taurus-the-Bull's pasture on June 28, and we can expect the Path (and the money market) to smooth out, stabilize and/or improve through
the next several months. Our nerves will appreciate the respite.
However, there is "bigger stuff" going on that cannot be ignored.

This story begins over 100 years ago, so please bear with me, when Chiron conjoined Uranus in Sagittarius, Dec. 1, 1898. We know that Uranus,
as sky god, always wants to "go beyond" Saturn's world, the earthly realm. Astrologically, Saturn represents the old, traditional ways, whereas Uranus epitomizes the rebelliousness of youth, seeking the untried path where there are no limits. When Chiron was discovered in 1977 we learned that it orbits between Saturn and Uranus, in fact, its elliptical orbit actually links the orbits of Saturn and Uranus together! So, it follows that, even though we mere humans knew nothing about the activities of the "gods," there was this conjunction in 1898, when Uranus, who had been discovered 152 years earlier,
called on Chiron to "run an errand" for him.

You see, Uranus is the planet of awakening consciousness and the Higher Mind, but we were falling asleep, as our extremely out-of-balance patriarchal ways were being ever more deeply entrenched. Some of you may recall that this is what happened in Atlantis!  Uranus asked Chiron to "go in" to Earth's atmosphere (awareness) and shake us awake! Chiron is a maverick by nature, so this was just what he had been waiting for. Chiron's mythology has led us to know him as the Wounded Healer, as well as the magical shaman. His job was and is to bring our awareness face-to-face with our wounds, to heal them, and to promote creative innovation in the individualistic, Uranian style of Aquarius, the New Age dawning. As we follow Chiron's trail through this century we find
that it made no further contact to any outer planet until 1941, when it ran
headlong into Pluto and dropped the bomb on Pearl Harbor,
essentially precipitating World War II.
Note the interesting symbolism of the pearl, which is
fashioned by the oyster from an irritating grain of sand.

Obviously, we did not learn that "an eye for an eye" makes everybody blind, so in 1945 when Chiron made its only other conjunction to an outer planet, meeting Neptune in Libra (hmmm - love & peace?), the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. As the inner shame settled in with the dust, a generation of hippies were being born. It might be noted here that it was these same "hippies" who instigated most of the therapies and self-help groups of the `80s ~
another hmmm. Uranus was also free of conjunctions with the other outer planets, until the `60s, when it paired up with Pluto to provide a stage for the Baby Boomers! The exact conjunction was 1965-1966, but the Flower Children sang for another decade, "All we are saying, is Give Peace a Chance."
The next hit for Uranus was with Neptune (and Saturn) in 1989,
in Capricorn, which brought down the Berlin Wall - more Peace.

Berlin Wall came down in 1989

Now we are poised on the brink of a new millennium, and would you believe that on Dec. 30, 1999, Chiron will make its next and only other outer-planet conjunction of the century, when it hooks up with Pluto again,
at 11° Sagittarius?!  What will it be?  War or Peace?

Maybe we, as individuals, do not have much say in the global picture,
but if enough of us can create an atmosphere of peace & love
in and around ourselves and our lives, it is entirely possible
that the warlike energies will not be able to survive in such an atmosphere!
Just as with most germs, if the environment is hot enough or cold enough, it will usually disable them, but room temperature - i.e. neutral - is the perfect environment for them to propagate. This neutrality equates to apathy. This was the basis of Dr. Simonton's work with cancer patients visualizing their mutated cells being bombarded with healthy ones. Can we not equate this to our own values and passions, not to mention our bodies? If we don't know enough to defend and protect what matters most to us, then it will likely be lost.

Chiron is your Magic Wand

Where is your wound?
It contains within it your magic wand.
Look to your Chiron; it is your oyster.
Work that grain of sand into a shiny pearl.
Chiron is now retrograde at the end of Scorpio,
going direct in July, and back into Sagittarius in
September. This is the "final dig," before revelation.
Keep your magnifying glass handy to examine the fine points.
Know that your pearl can only be created by you!
Whatever is "bugging you" is the beginning of your healing,
and your awakening to your true purpose in this Earth Walk.

Many people have already been talking about the upcoming eclipse in August because it is forming a huge Grand Cross in the sky, in Fixed signs. Those of you familiar with some of the older tarot decks will recognize the four Fixed signs' totems around the Wheel of Fortune, which always indicates a major change of life direction, as the wheel spins. Chiron always sets the wheel to spinning, even without the Fixed signs involved! I have gone on record for the last twelve years as stating, contrary to most other published authors, that "Chiron rules the Mutable Cross¹,
and sets it spinning like the Wheel of Fortune!"

The Mars retrograde since mid-March has been driving this message home. In 1984 it covered the Scorpio part of this path, but it has not repeated this Scorpio/Libra pattern since 1967 ~ the Summer of Love ~ and unfortunately, also a summer of thousands of lives lost in Viet Nam.

War ... and ... Peace

Mars is the planet of our self-directed energy and intent.
When in Libra it meets its reflection head-on. A Pogo cartoon
once said, "We have met the enemy, and they are us!"
We each need to ponder this concept for a moment or two, as to the irritants in our own lives. In Scorpio, Mars is stripped of his usual attire and venue, and forced to proceed on instinct into unfamiliar territory, the Underworld, where we each meet our own "demons," i.e. our deepest fears. We, as Mars, must not forget that fear is always of something that has not yet transpired, and therefore has no basis in fact. If we dare to indulge it, we are likely to
fall through a hole, as we open ourselves to the possibility of failure.

Back to the eclipse: on August 11, at 4:08 a.m. PDT,
the New Moon at 18° Leo will eclipse the Sun (a Solar Eclipse),
making all Life on earth stand still for a moment in Time,
as the Source of all Life is darkened.

solar eclipse

The Lunar Nodes are already part of this configuration, a prerequisite in order for an eclipse to occur, with the South Node conjoining Uranus in Aquarius, opposite the eclipse point. This speaks of sudden change, letting go of the
past, daring to stand alone for the sake of the whole or for what is "right,"
and emphasizes original thought, never before attempted, but somehow now
right on time. This opposition can also degenerate into ego battles,
power struggles, and "holier than thou" attitudes. Lack of humility
often gives birth to humiliation. Shine your brightest, and
nevermind what those other folks think about it.
The lofty teachings of the sky-god say,
"Live and Let Live, as best you can."

The real concern comes from the other opposition in square (90°) to the above: Saturn in Taurus will be exactly opposite Mars in Scorpio, each at 17°, which can really dig in heels, and resist! Staying as flexible as possible
during this time will afford you the best options. Trying to manipulate
any more than your own affairs will land you in a heap of trouble.
This is about self-focus, personal responsibility for our actions,
and being receptive to higher insights and illumination,
which will be felt in huge psychic waves if we can stay open.

Aquarian Waves of ConsciousnessAquarian Waves of Consciousness

This is not always easy amidst crisis conditions, and yet it is typically in
crisis conditions that the most phenomenal human feats are recorded.
Do we really need so much adversity to push us into action, off
the couch or out of the back room, long enough to take responsibility
for what is going on around us, rather than pointing fingers at
everybody else, like we have done for so much of our history?
It seems no accident that our headlines are filled with the likes of
O.J. Simpson, the Ramseys and Milosevic, if we need "big symbols"
before we wake up. How about parental responsibilities in Colorado?
It is easy enough for most of us to point our fingers at them,
and feel justified in doing so, but is this judgment
and focus on others diverting our attention from
our own mini-versions of similar wars being raged
in our own lives, even if not as violent or distasteful?

The Taurus portion of this cross includes the possibility of earth changes,
as well. In the geodetic chart² the zodiacal eclipse line, 18°Leo,
runs right through Mt. Fuji, Japan, and down through central Australia,
just east of Adelaide. Might we expect earth activity along this line?
Sending P*E*A*C*E to those areas might help.
Dove of Peace flies free...   Dove of Peace flies free...   Dove of Peace flies free...

I have also borrowed a map from the Astrological Association of Britain that shows the central portion of the eclipse's shadow path, as it cuts through
the middle east, from central-eastern India, across Iran, Turkey, the
Slavic nations, through Europe (Munich, Paris and London), and across the
Atlantic to the eastern shore of North America, just south of Nova Scotia.

Ancient tradition says that where the eclipse shadow falls,
"the armies will march," implying human wars or upheavals of Nature.
In modern times we have come to learn that it is not always so literal, but one
might be concerned, given the current state of our planet and its peoples.
Have we learned anything since the last bomb was dropped?
This means your own personal "bomb" too -
the symbolism penetrates all layers.

Aug.`45-Aug.`99 is 54 years.
"54" in the I Ching is The Marrying Maiden,
which implies humility, appropriateness and even subservience.
Are we able to bow to our vulnerabilities and recognize them as
our inherent strengths, if only we will see them in a new light?
Is it perhaps time for Mother Nature to play her hand?

9   9   9   9   9   9   9   9   9

Numerologists know that any 9 or any combination adding up to 9
is a cycle of transition, from the old to the new. (99-45=54)
The last Climate Report reminded us to Chop Wood, Carry Water.
If we have been tending our affairs and minding our business,
we will have strengthened our reserves and also our patience.
Wherever you have been hit "broadside" is where you need to look again,
in order to see the hidden jewel, nestled so neatly in the folds
of the oyster, even if it was the oyster that poisoned you.

Where is your jewel hiding?

Meanwhile, Summer Solstice arrives on June 21, ushering in fresh avenues for development and progress, in spite of the chaos around us. Dare to think big, or fantasize your dream future, as Venus opposes Uranus on June 23, and Mercury opposes Neptune on June 30. This may not be time yet for manifesting the miracle, but get it locked in your vision; this is the break in the clouds. Mars finishes its march through Libra as July begins, and energies are unstable until it gets a foothold in Scorpio, a few days after making the shift on July 4!
It could be an explosive weekend, so do take care, and watch where you are going. This is not the time to go cruisin' for a bruisin' - you might just find more than you bargained for. As summer takes hold, the New Moon in Cancer on July 12, invokes family-spirit with the folks you really want to spend time with, regardless of what kind of "family" it is. Mercury also turns retrograde that day, so seeking answers "out there" will be a fruitless exercise in frustration.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on July 28, in Aquarius, conjunct Neptune will bring out the most bizarre and enlightened ideas we have heard yet. The crazies will be everywhere, but so will the geniuses. Choose your friends carefully.
Venus goes retrograde the next day, so it won't take long to find out
who's who. Then, enjoy yourself - it is Summer! Mercury goes direct
on Aug. 5, just in time for us to get our heads together before
the wake-up calls start again in August, as discussed above.

And as always, let's keep our tuners set on our own frequency.
We wouldn't want to miss any clues being sent our way.

1.  The Mutable Cross is made up of the four mutable signs:  Gemini, Virgo (both Mercury-ruled), Sagittarius (Jupiter) and Pisces (Neptune). These signs equate to the Cadent Houses: 3, 6, 9 & 12. So much of Chiron's mythology and behaviour supports this complex rulership, as opposed to one sign, that I heartily recommend its consideration in your studies of this phenomenal harbinger of our New Age.

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2.  The geodetic chart is created by overlaying the 360° zodiac over the North Pole of the Earth, with 0°Aries lined up with 0° longitude, i.e. Greenwich, England. The zodiac unfolds in a counter-clockwise direction around the globe, with 0°Libra falling on the International Dateline. The geodetic chart is often used in mundane (earthly) predictions.

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