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Astrological Climate Report

~ as seen from Sandy's Stellar~Craft ~

Sandy's Stellar~Craft

a good cause for a pause...
sacred passage
Portal to Earth Wisdom
  Live so that . . .
Those who know you,
But do not know
the Great Mystery
Will want to know
the Great Mystery
because they know you.


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Neptune and its Moon, in crescent phase, thanks to Bill Arnett
Crescent Neptune in Aquarius (with Moon)
We are truly
under Moonbeams
the likes of which we have never seen,
as we pass through this unique portal
inbetween TWO Blue Moons, Jan.~Mar.,
with a dark Feb. (no Full Moon),
which has not occurred since 1915!
This 84 year gap (1915-1999)
is a full Uranus cycle,
igniting change, breakthrough
and universal consciousness.
We are each passing through
our own "portal" of initiation,
challenging our individuality
and soul survival to the ultimate.
Can you feel the atmosphere changing?

Climate Report continues ... Climate Report Continues *here*


The last Climate Report is still online for a reread,
and the zen story is also at ~sandwaves~ zenwwweb.

And as always, let's keep our tuners set on our own frequency.
We wouldn't want to miss any clues being sent our way.

For daily aspects, please visit our Astro-Log page.
© 1999, Sandy Hughes

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