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Astrological Climate Report
~ as seen from Sandy's Stellar~Craft ~            Sandy's Stellar~Craft


 "If you want to awaken, nothing will stand in your way.
 If you do not want to awaken, you will stand in your way."

     ~ Gurdjieff ~

Neptune in Aquarius

The last Climate Report, may bear rereading, even into the new millennium.
You might want to print it out for easy reference.

The "Music of the Spheres" is all around us, all the time.
We are like tuning forks, each of us calibrated to our own specific
vibrational frequency. Tuning-in to our own personal rhythms and letting them
draw our attention toward the cosmic currents of our Universe, is the only way we
can be "in the right place at the right time," and facilitate our Soul's agenda,
rather than being cast into other people's performances.

The spiritual disciplines of the ages have always taught this, but the truth
of it has never been more relevant than it is now. Neptune is "the spiritual planet"
of universal love, compassion and forgiveness, now in Aquarius, sign of awakenings, intelligence and consciousness. This translates simply as "walk your talk," live your Truth, and be in your centre at all times. "As Above, So Below" A pretty tall order, but that's it. If we will humble ourselves to our bodies' wisdom, our intuition's insight or our synchronistic experiences, we will naturally walk in synch with our Life's Path, instead of crashing and banging about, wondering what went wrong.
If however, we are insisting on "running the show" with our conscious will and personal power, we may find ourselves in an extremely precarious position. A classic example may be found in our discussion of the Titanic's chart.

Sandy's Stellar~Craft has been compelled
by the fluid waves of Neptunian consciousness
that are now permeating our atmosphere, to share with you an excerpt from
the Introduction to Zen Buddhism, a Peter Pauper Press book ©1959,
which has been part of Sandy's "stellar-craft" ever since then.
The essence of Neptune in Aquarius (for the next fourteen years)
could not be better described than this, and we feel the need to "set the tone:"

Siddartha Gautama Buddha, after his enlightenment
under the Bodhi Tree, taught that there is an eternal, endless universe of
Absolute Being, of which we are temporary incarnations. As such, we are subject to delusions and temptations, pain and trouble, illness and death. But by studying to find wisdom, living to do good, and concentrating to achieve control over mind and body, we can escape from the dominance of the physical world, and we can transmit a good inheritance of karma into our lives and later incarnations. Buddha taught that a succession of beings, each improving its common inheritance of karma, can eventually rise to the state of nirvana, permanent enlightenment.

The achieving of enlightenment in Zen is not at all a rational or methodical process. It is completely non-rational, unexplainable and intuitive. (astro-note: exactly like Neptune) The Zen training in concentration, in the characteristic cross-legged position, and the Zen teaching of koans (non-logical riddles and stories) are designed to put the student in a state where he can abandon logic and make the leap upward into enlightenment. In Japanese this state of enlightenment is called satori.  Knowing ourselves to be part of Absolute Being, our ego and our problems of ego ~ sin, pain, poverty, fear ~ all dissolve.

Having reached satori, we become aware that everything in all
this world about us, all other living and non-living things, even our lowest animal functions, are part of Absolute Being ~ and are thus essentially holy. Mountains and rocks*, trees and grass blades, elephants and microbes, all share equally in the Eternal.  *(pssst: if you've read Sandy's Bio, you will know that she felt totally redeemed when she read this, several years after the "God is in the rock" episode.)   This awareness permits us to go about our life with a new freedom, a new sureness, a new sense of doing the work of Absolute Being even in the smallest or dirtiest task of the present life.

Beyond this awareness comes a sense of the interpenetration of all things. Each of us is the apex of a cone of past ancestors, and the beliefs, acts and events which determined them. Each of us is also a point from which a new cone of individuals and events will arise, each in some part a product of what we are. We are all a part of Absolute Being, and we are all a part of each other.

This concept has been described in the allegory of Indra's Net:
  There is an endless net of threads throughout the universe. The horizontal threads are in space, the vertical threads are in time. At every crossing of threads is an individual, (i.e. the Birth Chart) and every individual is a crystal bead. The great light of Absolute Being illuminates and penetrates every crystal bead; but also every crystal bead reflects not only the light from every other crystal in the net, but also every reflection of every reflection throughout the universe. Thus we learn that we live in all other beings, all other things, ~ and that they live in us. Our lives are richer, and more filled with obligations, than we ever knew before.

The teachings of Zen ultimately lead one to the Great Stillness ~
where all things stand without being touchable;
where all sounds are, without being heard.

So, it isn't all that complicated, really. What message keeps tracking you down?
Is it that TV commerical you keep seeing, or is it different people, all telling you the same thing, or that voice in your dreams that continues to haunt you? All of these voices are your voices; all of these voices are Neptune, your Higher Self, trying to get your attention. Are you defending your position with logic, and then wondering why "all these things are happening" to you? There is meaning in every event, every moment, every cell, every breath, every insect, every leaf, and yes, "even in that rock over there." We might recall the stone that was cast-aside, but then had to be brought back as the very Cornerstone! Whatever you have always wanted to do, but have never quite gotten around to doing, needs to head-up your priority list now,
even if in miniscule doses while you're readjusting.

Neptune will allow your fantasies to become reality,
but it will not allow your reality to be a fantasy.

It may appear that "others are getting away with it," but don't fool yourself. No one ever gets away from him/herself. Mars in Libra through the end of January is forcing honesty in relationships and business dealings. Can you start your day by looking in the mirror, and honestly saying that you love yourself and you love your life? Is not your relationship with yourself, and the "business" of your Life, where it all begins? Aquarius is an Air Sign of the highest order and will not indulge our excuses for self-avoidance. As soon as we think we're fooling anyone, we fall into one of Neptune's chasms, a state of helplessness and impotence from which there is no rescue, except through acceptance, compassion and forgiveness.

Saturn's retrograde period in Aries comes to a close on Dec. 29, and we will be expected to have our priorities in order by then. With Mercury going Direct, and Venus going into Capricorn, both on Dec. 11, our sense of reason will gradually stabilize, and the path will suddenly be revealed, as the mists glide away. Jupiter in Pisces favours the artistic, psychic and spiritual communities through the middle of February, and encourages us to "hold the vision," dare to dream, and learn to trust our intuition.

We enter the New Year with Chiron at 29° Scorpio. Perhaps our New Year's Resolutions should reflect our heartfelt thoughts about whose life we are here to live, and whose life we are living. Energies are unstable all of December, while Neptune is still at zero degrees. We are now in the process of imprinting ourselves (just like baby ducks) for our journey into the next fourteen years of our lives. We want to make sure we are not carrying over any old programs from our conditioned pasts, that have no place in our futures. Better to stand alone, than be caught in the wrong camp. We might also recall that Scorpio is the sign of our sexuality, and at 29°, Chiron will be checking our integrity levels. Maybe with all the public scandals filling the news, we can redirect our attention to our own behaviours, and just like Santa's List, be "checkin' it once, and checkin' it twice..."

Winter Solstice, on Dec. 21, is a sobering time of year.
It is a coalescing of the year gone by, into a memory for us to take forward,
and hopefully to draw upon in future experiences. Thus begins the month of
Capricorn when we realize our limitations, as mere human beings on this planet,
and willingly humble ourselves to Mother Nature and her elemental forces.
This is a time of efficiency, responsibility and focused productivity.
Neptune is the Flow; now is the time to find it.
1999 is our last year of the "1900s" ~ let's make it count!

The cosmic winds are still blowing some wild gales, even "way out here" in the
Aquarian Zone, but as we were blown about the ~net~ we found ourselves
over in the ZenZone, weaving ~sandwaves~ new zenwwweb. Stop by
for a visit; we are betting you'll like it. Meanwhile, be sure to
Bookmark this page, so you can come back often.
Our doors are always Open!

Neptune in Aquarius asks us to repeat from last month:
Be prepared to speak your Truth when asked, and to stand behind it
when challenged. Dare to Question Reality. Question yourself. Asking questions
moves energy, provokes response, and perpetuates Life.

The millennium shift is just around the corner. We can't take the old century with us,
except as a memory. It is our responsibility to create that memory now, with each step we take
and each word we speak. Best to "cool it" on the caffeine and the chemicals, and take up
Tai Chi or Yoga to hone our bodies, which as our vehicles into the future,
will be expected to conduct amazingly high frequencies of energy waves.
We've only just begun. Trust me.

And as always, let's keep our tuners set on our own frequency.
We wouldn't want to miss any clues being sent our way.

For daily aspects, please visit our Astro-Log page.
© 1998, Sandy Hughes

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