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Astrological Climate Report
~ as seen from Sandy's Stellar~Craft ~            Sandy's Stellar~Craft

Thank you for being so patient with our interrupted transmissions. The cosmic winds are blowing some wild gales, and we are not exempt, even "way out here" in the Aquarian Zone. If you find your frustrations are mounting, for any reason, we offer you this little gem to tide you over, and feel free to come back as often as you like. Our doors are always Open!

        If it has been more than a week since you were here, we encourage you to re-read the last Climate Report, as much of the same bears repeating, since most of us are still not getting it, and Time is running out. From July 23, when the New Moon at 0.Leo started the wheel spinning, through three eclipses, each two weeks apart, to the Autumn Equinox (Sept. 22, 10:38pm PDT), we have all been through a Time Tunnel, the likes of which we have never seen before. Most schools of esoteric thought teach that the time between eclipses is the most heavily travelled influx and exodus of souls to and from earth's realm. While this is always evidenced by a rash of deaths and births, it also signals a highly sensitive time in each soul's life process. Twice a year we are given a new angle of perspective during eclipse times. Our "lives pass before us," our pasts come to meet us, our births and deaths are one; we cannot escape ourselves. The sad, but amusing part of it all is, that most of us fear that what we will find inside ourselves is something abominable, when it is exactly the opposite. As we get another glimpse, if but for a moment, of our Soul's intended purpose for incarnation, we are expected to "hold the vision" for at least the next six months. Have you seen an extraordinary number of people or events from your past, flooding through your life or your mind? Nodal shifts always bring these "energies" up for review. "What does this person, place, job, life-style, etc. really mean to me?" ...and the next vital question is, "What am I going to do about it?

        Mars joining the Leo parade (until Oct. 7) has really whipped our heads around to take notice of the roles we play and how well (or poorly) we fit into them. We have talked often about Pluto in Sagittarius being "truth on a brick," and this is no joke. The planets were seen as "gods" by the ancients because "they mean business." This is not because they literally emit power over us, but because they are the "handwriting on the wall," easily viewed by anyone, anywhere on earth. If we refuse to pay heed to this celestial guidance, it is clearly our loss. It used to be said, supposedly in jest, that "an expert is an amateur away from home." This statement could only exist in a society where Truth is not a Way of Life. When any of us is in desperate need of help, we do not seek those who chatter and boast about their talents. Rather, we seek out the "real" Masters (male ~or~ female), the genuine healers, the ones with an impressive track record. This is the position each of us is meant to find: our own personal version of The Master, regardless of what it is we do. Unfortunately, the judgmental religious atmosphere of our ancestors convinced most of us that "The Master" lay outside of ourselves. "I" the ego, am not God, but "I" the sense of Self at the Core "am God." This is what the ascended masters have all taught and exemplified, but we have continued to put them on pedestals and worship them, instead of emulating them.

        With Neptune and Saturn passing through squares to each other (June 1998 - April 1999), reality and illusion are changing places frequently. Past and Future are swirling around us, reminding us that the phenomenon of Time is a construct of our earthly existence. The ancient Mayans, and many other aboriginal peoples measured Time by its "distance" from Now, without regard for "Past" or "Future." Have you considered the possibility that some of those "UFOs" out there, might actually be our Future Selves, trying to communicate with us? These Time Loops of past and future lives, all swimming together, can only focus our attention on the Now. Once we truly understand that "I am You, and You are Me, and We are Them, and They are Us," we will stop pointing fingers at everybody else, and take care of our own dirty laundry. The likenesses of Jesus will continue to ooze blood, and Mary's tears to flow, until we stop spending thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours of media time, on the likes of O.J. Simpson, the Ramseys, and President Clinton's escapades. When we are each willing to take responsibility for our own emanations and effects, only then will we be able to heal these wounds that continue to weep and bleed. Neptune is the martyr; Saturn is the patriarchy; the Piscean Age was about the split between "saint and sinner." The Aquarian Age is about "We Are the World." How can any of us sincerely expect to achieve World Peace if we cannot even find Peace in our own immediate circles? Please do not fall into the trap of thinking, "Yeah, well, if he/she/they wouldn't do this or that...I'd be fine." Even if it is true, the challenge would not be in your life if it had nothing to do with you.

        Our vantage point from the "Outer Reaches" reveals unprecedented patterns unfolding on planet Earth, which means we have to be awake, alert and ready for instant movement in any direction. This does not mean "panic;" quite the contrary. In spite of the overall confusion that surrounds Neptune cycles, it is the planet of Oneness, of spirituality, and of healing. Without the surrender extracted by Neptune, the old toxic patterns cannot give way. If we are unwilling to follow Neptune's lead, we will be "rendered helpless" in one way or another. It is a far more rewarding experience if we will "follow our bliss" as Joseph Campbell always advised, meaning "do what we came here to do," and we can tell what that is by the ring of that familiar bell. What would you do in your spare time, even if you were never paid and nobody else ever knew? That is your starting place; emerge from there into your centre. Then ask what you want your Life to have been about, after you are gone. The answers can be quite sobering. It is time to "get real."

        It is only our conditioned fear-response that is trepidatious about venturing inward. Most of us have been so programmed to believe that we do not have the answers, or the ability to know "that which we do not know" that we have accepted our fate as handed down by our small-minded, unimaginative predecessors, instead of learning to listen to our innate wisdom, our bodies' cellular memory and natural instincts. We got lost somewhere between Divine evolution and Human superiority. Let us listen to and observe our animal friends to relearn our cosmic awareness and multi-dimensional telepathy. Even as adults, many of us are shockingly like the little kids who say they "don't like peas," even when they have never tasted peas.

        Neptune wants to make it clear (ha ha ~ this is the planet of the mists) that the "Garden of Eden" exists all right, but it is no more (and no less) than the total harmony of Being at One with the All. The whole purpose of discipline and meditation, as exemplified in all the world's various forms of spiritual disciplines throughout history, is Focus, which means "freedom from distractions." We must voluntarily invoke this Focus until such a time as we are fully conscious, 24 hours a day. This is a tall order, but even a 1% increase can save your life. The closer we can come to achieving this Inner Peace, the more our natural intuitions will kick-in, and we will "know" the right turns to make, which might be the "wrong turns" for someone else, and therefore cannot be carved in stone, as absolute laws. The "lead" of the old alchemists could only become "gold" with all the right components factored into the equation. The step we have missed is that the "equation" is not merely a mathematical, black-and-white formula. It relies on timing and instinct and intent. This is the piece that was lost when our patriarchal past slipped over the line of balance, and disregarded the "feminine" half of consciousness: intuition, imagination, and feeling. This is the "cornerstone cast aside" which later had to be brought back in order to support the fourth corner of the Temple.

        Whether your questions are about love and relationships, job and finances, or evolution of Soul, the answers are the same. No one escapes Neptune's reach. This is the secret delight of every Pisces. Know that your most closely guarded secrets (skeletons in your closet, or fantasies and dreams) will either show up on the front page of the Enquirer, or as graffiti on the wall in the back alley, or on the phone from someone you've never met. Neptune is on its last round of clean-up before turning around on Oct. 11 and "heading for the gate" into Aquarius-Land on Nov. 28, for the next 14 years, where it joins ranks with Uranus (which goes direct a week later), both providing undying support to Pluto's mission of Truth. A reminder here that Pluto's Truth is the Truth of Soul, meaning we cannot lie to those we love, which necessarily includes ourselves. This also translates into not being able to "live a lie" by hanging-out with or living with people who are not on our frequency. As the flux of these Aquarian transits forces worldwide movement of peoples and thought, each of us is challenged to "know thyself" with a surety that requires no thought. These eclipse patterns have been bringing all kinds of Soul Family members together, as is so obvious on the WorldWideWeb. We are coming to meet those who may not walk the same streets we walk, but who definitely walk the same Paths.

        If the guy makes you feel uncomfortable, don't sign-on with him. If the job offer comes from an old employer who made you sick, don't take the job. The answers are not complicated, but our method of rationale has become so, and thus repeatedly leads us away from the solution. It might help to rent the old movie "Being There" with Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine. Peter's character, Chauncy, was the Forest Gump of the `80s, and was a perfect role model for this last whoosh of Neptune's tail. Our lives are speeding up, and we all need to loosen up, to increase flexibility and the flow of Chi, the vital Life Force. Saturn in Taurus is insisting that we live a healthier life in order to hold-up under the unknown demands of our future. Don't stammer; say what you mean, or leave the room. Be prepared to speak your Truth when asked, and to stand behind it when challenged. Dare to Question Reality. Question yourself. Asking questions moves energy, provokes response, and prepetuates Life.

        The millennium shift is just around the corner. We can't take the old century with us, except as a memory. It is our responsibility to create that memory now, with each step we take and each word we speak. Best to "cool it" on the caffeine and the chemicals, and take up Tai Chi or Yoga to hone our bodies, which as our vehicles into the future, will be expected to conduct amazingly high frequencies of energy waves. We've only just begun. Trust me.

And as always, let's keep our tuners set on our own frequency.
We wouldn't want to miss any clues being sent our way.

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© 1998, Sandy Hughes

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