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Desert Lion closed its original web-site petition
on May 3, 1999, with the following statement,

but they NOW have a new site here!


Dear fellow citizens of the world,

Mariola and I have chosen to close up our petition to Hawass and the Egyptian Antiquities. We do this with no intended malice or hard feelings to the world at large, but we have done it because we have now understood the true nature of the Hall of Records.

We now fully understand that the physical world is nothing more than an illusion, a false world put up by our own false pre-conceived thoughts. For years, researchers the world over have used picks and shovels to try to find the HOR. For years they have used all kinds of mumbo-jumbo sonar devices and sound equipment to find its location.

But Mariola and I have finally found it. We have found it in the deepest levels of our hearts. We both know now without a shadow of a doubt that the Ark of the Covenant, Hall of Records, Keys of Enoch and anything the world wants to call it IS NOT A PHYSICAL THING. It is the lie of all lies, given to us by our self-serving religions and scientific concrete heads. It is a philosophy that plunged the world into darkness for 2000 years & continues to retard the people of the world to this day.

The Holy Bible along with all the other writings given to us by the great mystics throughout history, have been written in pure allegory. They have been written as fairy-tale adventure stories to explain a hidden meaning that the world as a whole
still does not understand.


These adventure stories are not about Atlantis, or Israel, or Rosteau. It is not about a Hollow Planet or underground realms such as Shambhala. It has nothing to do with any physical place, for that matter.



Only a few have the insights to take this path.
Only a few at any given time have realized its magical existence.
Only a few have dropped the picks and shovels
and taken away the false veil of the physical
that has covered their eyes for so long.


All the spiritual masters of the world have one thing in common. They have all told us to seek within. They have all told us that all the answers to life lie in our hearts and gave us the keys to unlock its doors. Well, Mariola and I will now walk this path full force and focus all of our energies to get to the Rosteau and the Israel within: the land of milk and honey that has called
both my wife and me all of our lives.

The Hall of Records is truly a divine place that lies within everyone's heart. We no longer care to be part of or to host any discussion lists or be part of any petition. We find all this stuff to be useless, worthless and a waste of our time and energy. God has been calling me for 37 years, but I have not really heard him until now. It is within my very being that he calls me, telling me to come home and stay away from the madness of the world.

Good luck to you all. If you have signed the petition to Hawass it is because you wanted to find answers to life. You want to know more about who you are and where you are going. You all have taken a great step. But now it's time to implode, not explode. It is now time to find that mystical place that Buddha said lies closer than the brow above your eye, but yet you do not see it. I hope that one day you all will see it, and we all will meet in the Hall of Records Temple in the heart and have all our questions answered.

My wife and I also chose not to go to Egypt in June.
It is a land now full of corruption and pain.
And we do not want to get involved with evil people.


They will all fall in their own due time,
and GOD and the UNIVERSE will prevail.
This (Desert Lion) web-site is now terminated
and the discussion group deleted.

Love and Light,
John & Mariola Carlo
May 3, 1999